~Family Diner
Nicky D's in Crowley was founded by Nick and Tammy Danelski 
in September 2002 in what used to me a service station and 
convenience store. 

Service is what this location continues to offer to patrons but now it
comes in the form of some of the best hamburgers this side of the Pecos!

When you step through the front door you will feel as if you've stepped back in time to the favorite soda shops of old when you're greeted with a warm smile and the smell of "fresh cooked" 

You almost feel like you've intruded on a family gathering but in no time at all you'll find yourself 'adopted' as one of the locals when you hear your name being called out by a friendly server with food in hand.

Nick Danelski started working in commercial kitchens at age 13 when he as a dishwasher. It wasn't long till he knew he had found his calling. He decided to pursue becoming a chef and restaurant owner and years later would open the first Nicky D's in Chicago, IL.

It was during this time in Chicago that Tammy came into his life as an employee. She caught his eye and but he knew it wasn't right to date an employee, so he did the only honorable thing a business owner could......he fired her!

While this decision may have been bad for business, it certainly did wonders for their relationship as the two lovebirds have been married for over 30 years.

Tammy loved being with Nick, but not so much the Chicago winters so they decided it was time to high-tail it back to Tammy's home state of Texas where they opened the now famous Nicky D's of Crowley.

All you have to do is take one look around the restaurant and you'll see Nick and Tammy's love for each other, their community and their patrons. From pictures of Muscle Car contests, to copies of LP's hanging on the wall, the story is the same.......welcome home.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the website but if you would like to help Nick and Tammy create lasting memories, come by the diner and sample the food. One bite and you'll be hooked! GUARANTEED!

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Nick and Tammy Danelski
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Known simply as "The Bell" this antique has become a source of fun for staff & patron alike. All it takes to get the bell a-ringin is a little green-back in the jar and "whoop-whoop" will fill the air!
An entire menu of great food awaits you but the hamburger is king at Nicky D's. All it takes is one bite and you'll agree, Nicky D's has the best hamburgers around.....period!
As is true with most famous diners, Nicky D's has a fair amount of space but time your visit wrong and you'll be standing in line till your order is called. It'll be worth the wait but you may want to call you order in on occasion.
You won't find valet parking here but what you will find will keep you coming back over & over again......GREAT FOOD!
Nicky & Tammy Danelski fighting over who get's to ring, 'The Bell."
Tammy and Brenda Marshall behind the registers. Brenda is a shift manager and part of her duties is to keep things hopping. Everyone agrees....she does a great job!
Artwork on the outside of the building calls out to passers by.
The winner of one of the many contests Nick & Tammy put on each year got to paint this mural adorning the outside. It paints a picture of the fun and great food awaiting you inside.
Your order is made from scratch!
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